Possetting – The regurgitation of milk. Babies bring up food – from simple regurgitation to reflux- so its not a reason to worry in itself.  Often the regurgitation causes them no upset – that is they seem content, comfortable, breathing normally and are still growing normally over the longer term- in this case, keep an eye on it but there is no need to unduly worry.  Where there can be more of an issue is with reflux which can cause pain or discomfort and can in some cases affect their breathing and growth if it extreme.

Possetting & Reflux – Boots

SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome aka ‘cot death’.  This is possibly one of the truly terrifying possibilities for new parents but there is lots of good advice out there. Your midwifes and health visitors will also be able to talk to you in depth about it. There is plenty you can do to minimise the risk, albeit the risk isn’t fully understood.

These websites provide some excellent information for you about SIDS and what you can do to minimise risk.

Baby Centre – SIDS


Lullaby Trust



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