The final bit of the list

The final bit of the list

The list as written by my sister in law saved us from spending the wrong money on the wrong things but we still managed to wander into mothercare with that clueless look that pregnant new parents have. The look that is a combination of fear of the unknown combined with the realisation that there is now a new shopping Mecca in your life. The immortal phrases ‘but we don’t have to buy it all now’ and ‘what does one of those do?’. Weebling up and down the aisles of stuff, we knew our bank manager was about to start weeping.

The last part of the List -clothes, toys and yummy mummy goodness.

Clothes and toys- when baby arrives, very generally people buy you stuff. And very generally that stuff is either clothes (usually in a socially dictated gender based colour scheme) or toys. That’s not to say don’t buy your own but perhaps don’t go too mental; although the sleep suits with ears are very cute… And the baby grow is soooo soft. Hmmmmm, sorry, mr bank manager.
Actually the first thing you need to do is to figure out what the hell sleep suits, baby grows, all in ones etc are. And then figure out whether you’ll need long or short sleeved, long or no legs and what size to get. It’s all dependent on when your munchkin is born in the year. Ours was due in march and I made the mistake of thinking that would make him a spring baby so bought appropriately. The coldest march in fifty years descended and we did the day three dash to the nearest baby shop to buy anything that had a significant tog rating.

The yummy mummy stuff is in my personal view essential (of course!). Toward the end of pregnancy you’ll start developing the fear (another post in itself!) of what birth will be like. Give yourself a reward for getting to where you are and read up on what’s about to happen and how you can make it a good experience (another post too!). Also consider investing in; a birthing ball (like the balls for core work at the gym) for comfort, baby repositioning and taking the edge off contractions; a TENS machine for those contractions too; old towels if you’re having a home birth (and, sorry if you’re eating, if your hospital birth was difficult); bio oil for scarring, which will happen regardless of which type of birth you have; and badedas bath bubbles, for soothing lovely healing bath times (which you’ll never have again…). All that and decaf tea bags because caffeine is now one of your sworn enemies…

Anything else?

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