The List: Part Three

So my lovely Sis-in-law (BB) produced ‘the list’ and it was our focus as I, blissfully ignorant, weebled around the various shops starring wide eyed at rows and rows of ‘stuff’.  Which bottle type to get?  Why do I need a muslin (ha! one???)?  Who are Lasinoh? What’s a bumbo?  Oh bless our naivety.

Feeding and Changing…

This part of the list will no doubt inspire debate, disagreement, argument and downright name calling. I am not making judgements on anyones parental techniques. So I don’t plan to get in to the dummy vs no dummy, breast vs bottle or any other debate- at least not on this blog entry! I leave you to make your own intelligent, instinctive judgement.

Muslins (with an N!) – Lovely absorbant pieces of cloth. It doesn’t matter how many you buy, it won’t be enough and when you want them they will (inevitably) not be where you are.

Dummy and Dummy Clips – ohhhh and there starts the first mummy argument – to dummy or not to dummy?  We tried and bimp wasn’t interested until he started teething – then he was less suckling, more biting on it.  Arguments against – damage to teeth, looks awful, develops a dependency on it. Arguments for – can help to settle baby without feeding (its called a pacifier for a reason); if its not a dummy, it might be their thumb which is definitely less removable.

Breast vs Bottle. Again, this will be a matter of personal choice, taste and in some cases physical ability – there should never be any judgement on parents one way or another as long as the child is well fed and looked after.  But you will need different bits of kit dependant on which you opt for so pick and choose from the following.

Feeding cushion- helps to support baby when feeding.  Bliss for tired arms and backs. However, normal cushions can work just as well as long as you don’t mind them being covered in posseted (see glossary) milk.

Nipple cream (or cold cabbage leaves- yes, really!)/Nipple protectors – because it just isn’t funny.

Breast pads – you may not suffer from leaky boobs when you’re breast feeding… or you might look like the New York Harbour fire boats on parade day…

Breast pump/storage bags – Should you be keen to give baby breast milk but get Better Half to share in the 2 am feeding experience! So the sound of the motorised pump at 5 am will become one of the soundtracks to your life (the other soundtrack is provided by Fisher Price).  Warning, our wee man was totally freaked out by breast milk not being given to him from a boob – so languishes in the freezer several unused fl oz of breast milk.

Bottles – There are lots on the market and bimp may not like all of them- we tried several types with different types of teats (different levels of milk flow).

Bottle Bag – Like an insulated picnic bag to keep milk warm (or cool).

Bottle Warmer – An express bottle warmer for the middle of the night feeds when the weather gets colder.  Whichever you buy, it will still seem to take an age to get the milk warm when junior is having a screaming fit in your ear at 3 am.

Some form of Sterilising equipment – you can get the swept up fandango electronic ones, microwaveable ones, cold water tablets or use the good old boil in a saucepan technique. Dishwashers are also hot enough to sterilise.  Your child will still end up eating dirt and worms though so, at some point, sterilisation becomes futile but to begin with it’s an essential.

A bumbo – or equivalent. An awesome little baby seat, not just designed for feeding but a great little asset when you start weaning. And wipe clean.

Weaning spoons – not needed immediately. But these flatter, more rubberised spoons make it easier for junior to get the food off the spoon and hence spread it round the kitchen with greater ease.

And for changing…

A changing bag – A big bag with lots of pockets. Ones specifically designed for the job often come with a changing mat which is really useful.  Fill with nappies, wipes, nappy bags, muslins, change of clothes for junior, change of top for you, barrier cream, hand sanitiser, hair band (for you), calpol, teething gel, teething toy or comforter, bottle of milk (and teat) and your baby’s medical notes.

Nappies/Wipes/Nappy bags – these are definitely personal preference and cause of the third mummy argument, disposable vs recyclable. Whichever, it may take a few goes to find which type of nappy fits your baby best – those that don’t will demonstrate their failings by leaking over you.

Barrier cream – for nappy rash/teething blisters (on his bum not his face!) and any other sores.

A dirty linen bag for the nursery – because the sleep bag, pyjamas, changing mat, muslins will all need a wash at some point; probably daily.

Any other ideas?

The List Part Four will be out soon –  Safety and Travel essentials!


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