The List: Part Two

My Sis in law, who edges ever closer to giving birth to number three, sent me ‘the list’ when I was preggers.   A lifeline and plumb line in to our future life, it became our go to reference for purchases we needed before bump became bimp.  Adapted and commented on, I give you the list: part two…

Furniture, Bedding and Baths…

Moses Basket – a what? no idea. At least not until, I googled it. Turns out, its a basket that looks like its made out of reeds, with handles (ha, Moses as in the baby in the basket, who knew? :-S ). Designed for mini bimps to about three months.  Available with stands so you don’t have to put the basket on the floor (and some of those stands rock too – as in move, not as in ‘look cool’- why is this important? At 3am, it may prevent you having to get out of bed!).  The only consideration I would add to this is one of my friends got hold of a mini cot/crib made of wood which while bigger than a moses was a bit more permanent and she used that for a lot longer than a moses.

Cot- and so beginneth the construction of “The Nursery”.  Always buy a new mattress for a new bimp (ditto for a moses mattress) as part of SIDS prevention (see Glossary).

Sheets, Blankets, Cot Bumpers- Mothercare, Mamas and Papas, JoJo Maman Bebe etc etc. But your friends will be wonderful at supplying blankets as presents too.  PS Cot Bumper was another google moment, and I still have no idea whether I’ve fitted it right – which bit of the cot needs bumpering??

Chair for the Nursery – we went for big and squishy and able to recline and be slept in by on-duty adult. Other people go for Rocking chairs which helps bimp (and you) fall gently into the world of sleep but less comfy for you.  Think about arm and back support.

Changing Unit – I bought this off ebay, stripped it down and painted it to make it an ‘original’.  Why? Because at that point the wee man was sleeping 18 hours a day and I needed a project.  With it, you’ll also need a changing mat or two – plastic, wipe clean ones or the kind you can stick in the washing machine at 40 degrees when junior redecorates it in hint of digested dinner.

Nappy Bin- Whether you’re a disposable or recycleable nappy person, you will need somewhere to store the heinous crimes against humanity that are baby poos.  Don’t think you do? Two words: Weaning Poos.  Same goes for Nappy Bags when out and about, otherwise the local populus will hate you, and smell you coming.

Plastic Bath or reclining seat thing for the bath.  Useful for when bimp is mini- but to be fair we also used the sink (Hot Tap 1, Dads hand 0)

Baby Bath Towels/Soap/Bubbles/Toys/Thermometer – for the total and amusingly wet carnage that is bath time.

Any other ideas?

Coming Soon: The List: Part Three – Feeding and Changing!

3 thoughts on “The List: Part Two

  1. Loving the blog Elle.
    I would add… Sling (either some kind of earth mother contraption – hated by my hubby for its lack of engineering – or a Baby Bjorn – for its simplicity) plus a rocking, vibrating, reclining chair that baby can be strapped into as an alternative nap venue. Bubs is currently in hers…

  2. Loving that ‘the list’ was useful and been adapted and shared!! So nice to hear. And very amusing re the first impressions… “Moses basket… a what?!” Funnily enough we have just upgraded the Moses basket to a “glider” wooden crib!! The repetitive sound of a rocking moses basket wobbling across our uneven our wooden floor boards at 3am for 5 months “eeee gunnn eeeee gunnn” nearly drove me and Matt stark raving mad! That was aside from the crying. Here’s to hopefully smoother nights… fingers crossed. Or is that just rose-tinted glasses wishful thinking??!

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