The little stick….

So other than the obvious, how the hell did this happen?  18 months ago, I was (reasonably) young, living in a (tiny) flat in London, enjoying date nights in the big smoke (Tuesdays) and expanding my mind intellectually by attending night skool (Thursdays).  I enjoyed work, drank cocktails, went to the Theatre (oh, the theatre. weep.), and generally made the most of life in London.  And then we decided to try for a bimp…

And then the dawning realisation of bad maths, which sends you to the Tesco round the corner from work, silently praying you won’t run in to your Boss  – ‘no,no, its not for me – I’m meeting a friend, who asked me to buy it for me.  Her’.

And then… The little white box has a little blue stripe in it.  And it matches the other little blue stripe next door. Two little blue stripes on one big white wee-d on stick.


There are now three phrases to be used.  Not necessarily in this order.  And with a variety of emotions.

‘Oh shit’



‘Brilliant’ (Or Hurrah. Or Finally. Or Thank God. Etc etc)


And then I told my better half.


In the Car Park.  In Waitrose.


The only thing I can say is, at least it wasn’t the Fruit and Veg section.

One thought on “The little stick….

  1. I kept getting told off by the other half for peeing on sticks (so damn expensive don’t you know?!) so I’m not sure which news he was more pleased about, the fact that we were going to be parents or that the shopping bills would halve again!

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