It’s no good. Quite simply, it’s not going to do up anymore. Whether its your favourite jeans, your work skirt or your lovely summer dress, failure to zip the zip is a sign of one thing – time to shop for maternity clothing.

And if the last thing you remember of maternity clothing was the flouncy, floaty high-necked horrors that Princess Diana wore or the outrageous, belly-busting-out clothing (or lack thereof) of the heavily pregnant All Saints, time and style has thankfully moved on. Pregnancy can now be celebrated in your own style rather than covered up in swathes of billowing flora or exposed to the elements in bra top and combat trouser combo. You may not be quite up to the Duchess of Cambridge ’s designer style but her more relaxed pregnancy outfits are distinctly on pregnancy trend. And if even that isn’t quite your style, the revolution that has occurred in pregnancy jeans means you can get any style (skinny, boot cut, flare etc) in pregnancy form (that is, with the vital expanding soft waist line) or alternatively go to work looking stylish not stumpy. Every type of clothing you may want to wear when pregnant (including work clothes, wedding dresses and fancy dress outfits!) are out there and the links below give you an idea of where to shop, whatever your budget.

Isabella Oliver


Mamas and Papas


Tiffany Rose

Oh and almost every high street and online shop worth visiting has a mat section!
Thank god someone somewhere figured out there was a market out there gagging for stylish maternity clothing.

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