Size doesn’t matter

I apologise for the overtly London bent to this post…

The Baby on Board Badge is a rite of passage for those preg-a-mamas who live in the greatest city on the planet. Transport for London will send you a ‘Baby on Board’ Badge if you contact them (TFL) and you wear it with pride (when you get past the 12 week point).

In theory, it indicates to fellow tube, bus and train passengers that you are expecting and could do with a seat.
In practice, there is a significant portion of the population who are clearly blinded by the sun glinting off the badge; who can’t read; or who read it, register it and then look awkwardly about the carriage willing anyone else to offer up their seat to the lady with the badge while they busy themselves with the crossword. And they will never ever give up their seat because, goddamnit, they have paid as much as that lady has to travel, and there are plenty of other people who could also give up their seats and, frankly, they’re a bit tired too. Besides she doesn’t look very pregnant.

I’m not in anyway suggesting I’m whiter than white when it comes to leaping out of my seat for any lady sporting a bump (there is always the ‘pregnant or just fat?’ possibility). But now having been pregnant, I can only apologise to all those I didn’t get up for- I had no idea it was so flipping knackering. I had no idea I would feel like my body weighed a ton and felt like I was permanently wading through treacle. I had no idea that while the 7-9 month bump is obvious, it is the first six months of bump that depletes you of energy and nutrients to the point of exhaustion. It is those early months when you desperately want the seat on the train but look decidedly not pregnant. And it is in those early months, that the people most ready to offer up their seat to you are women who’ve been pregnant and understand how flipping exhausting it is, even when the bump is minimal.

So if you see a lady who’s pregnant, please give up your seat. I can almost guarantee she’s more knackered than you even if she doesn’t have a massive bump.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I saw a post on The Telegraph’s site a few months ago about this, one lady argued,’if pregnant women want a seat they shouldn’t travel at rush hour’ …I bet she’s a lovely person!

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