The Lincolnshire Daily Bugle

The Lincolnshire hazardous material team were deployed today as emergency services worked hard to control the leak of what has been described by some as “some of the most horrific type of nerve agent known to man”.  The mother of the child involved, clearly shocked and visibly shaken, said “I was taken a back. I had no idea what was in there. It was everywhere, and seemed to be spreading faster than we could clean it up”.  The HazMat team battled for several minutes to bring the offending substance under control; in the process damage was done to all the child’s items of clothing, the changing mat, changing unit, several items of both parents’ clothing, the surrounding floor area and some witnesses have speculated that those marks on the ceiling weren’t there before.  The child, who had to be completely showered down, was unharmed during the incident and maintained a bouyant mood despite the obvious distress the material was causing others.   His parents may be in deep therapy for some time.