The little stick….

So other than the obvious, how the hell did this happen?  18 months ago, I was (reasonably) young, living in a (tiny) flat in London, enjoying date nights in the big smoke (Tuesdays) and expanding my mind intellectually by attending night skool (Thursdays).  I enjoyed work, drank cocktails, went to the Theatre (oh, the theatre. weep.), and generally made the most of life in London.  And then we decided to try for a bimp…

And then the dawning realisation of bad maths, which sends you to the Tesco round the corner from work, silently praying you won’t run in to your Boss  – ‘no,no, its not for me – I’m meeting a friend, who asked me to buy it for me.  Her’.

And then… The little white box has a little blue stripe in it.  And it matches the other little blue stripe next door. Two little blue stripes on one big white wee-d on stick.


There are now three phrases to be used.  Not necessarily in this order.  And with a variety of emotions.

‘Oh shit’



‘Brilliant’ (Or Hurrah. Or Finally. Or Thank God. Etc etc)


And then I told my better half.


In the Car Park.  In Waitrose.


The only thing I can say is, at least it wasn’t the Fruit and Veg section.